General Information

Warning and information system for the securing of safety at the Chemiepark Linz

Dear Neighbor,

Companies on site all operate plants at the Chemiepark Linz that are subject to the regulations contained in the Industrial Accident Act and accordingly, as a neighbor, you are entitled to receive appropriate information regarding these installations.  

It must first be stated that not every operational defect constitutes a serious industrial accident. One only speaks of the latter, when a danger to humans and the environment could result from the release of certain hazardous substances. This is only possible when all our technical and organizational safeguards against accidents fail simultaneously. The probability that you be affected by such an event is extremely small. 

Responsibility and prevention

The companies resident in the Chemiepark Linz operate their plants with a high degree of individual responsibility for their employees, neighbors and the environment. Responsible Care is not a catchphrase, but rather an initiative of the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA) and for us constitutes an obligation. Moreover, above and beyond statutory requirements, we have made corporate responsibility a focal point of our business activities.

Prevention is an important instrument in a modern, comprehensive management system. Therefore, the multifaceted emergency plan at the Chemiepark Linz has an inter-company structure and takes into account all the special features at our location. The companies at the “Park”, which are subject to the stipulations of Section 8a of the 1994 Industrial Code, have informed the authorities in accordance with § 84 d, e and f of the Code and presented them with a safety report. Should you wish to view the safety report, please contact our employee named in the “Further Information” section. Our primary aim is to avoid accidents entirely through the subjection of our safety systems to ongoing checks. 

Both your and thus our safety are a major concern, however, if in spite of all the preventive measures taken a major industrial accident should occur, this brochure will provide you with appropriate information and instructions concerning your personal conduct in such an event.