HSE – Health Safety Environment

As a result of its international climate protection commitments, Austria is obliged to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.  

In the period from 1990-2010, Borealis Agrolinz Melamine managed to cut the emissions of greenhouse gases at its Linz location by almost 60 per cent. This was achieved in spite of a slight rise in production output.   

The main reason for this improvement was provided by investments with regard to nitric acid production. A byproduct of this process is nitrogen oxide (laughing gas) and in 2003 Borealis Agrolinz Melamine GmbH put a system into operation in one of its nitric acid production plants, which not only slashed laughing gas emissions by 99 per cent, but also reduced NOX emissions from 90 ppm to virtually zero. In 2009, filter technology was also installed in the company’s second nitric acid plant, which resulted in a 98 per cent cut in emissions.    

These projects, which were initiated voluntarily, constitute major progress in the climate protection field and have established new benchmarks in connection with the prevention of atmospheric pollution from nitric acid plants. This fact was recognized through the award of the main prize in the 2009 Linz IRIS competition.